Monday, September 23, 2013

Have you ever....?

I've been pondering significantly lately. Not on any particular subject, the matter is pretty random. Just about anything gets me thinking deeper into the absolute issue at hand.

This morning I was making white gravy (for biscuits and gravy). If you've ever made homemade gravy, you know you have to stir it constantly once you add water. I had just added the milk,  and was figure-eight stirring the crap out of that pan. I turned my head just a bit to the right, and saw a sign up sheet for cheer leading camp on the counter. I started thinking about what I was going to bring up at the school concerning the paper.

I'm just going to add here that I am extremely upset at our school district's rule that boys not be able to cheer. They send out these pamphlets selling cheer lessons to all the kids, which is redundant in itself.  Why not save some school funding, and only send them home with the girls? Its a slap in the face to us personally, because my son wants to be a cheerleader. (That's a whole other post... that I will expand on later.) Seriously though, they complain about not having enough money all the time. Yet thousands of copies of all kinds of cheer camps and sign ups for tryouts go home to boys that are unable to take advantage of them. $$$$$ down the drain.

Yeah, I was thinking about all the emails and phone calls I was going to make, when I finally noticed the gravy had become way too thick and had that burnt smell emanating from the pan. I had completely ruined the gravy!

This is not the only time I've done this either. I was knitting on a project that called for several lines of garter stitch, when I went off on another "over thinking" tangent. When I eventually realized I was "doing it again," I had knit about 5 rows too many. I don't know what is causing my absentmindedness, but is disconcerting.  What happens if I do it while driving? Yikes.

Have you ever done something similar?


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