Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Room-mom: Calling out Cupcake Cuties!

It's officially my time to shine! March 7th is my son's school's Open House, and the school is having a contest! As room moms(or dads) we are being asked to bring fabulous desserts that will represent our student's classrooms.

I have no idea what the prize will be, but I don't really care about that. I want to win, as MrZ's mom! So, because I desperately want to use my new cupcake carrier (thanks Dad and Elaine), I decided to bring cupcakes.

Of course, by making that decision, my brain officially went on vacation. Just when I needed ideas the most! That's why I want your help! What are your favorite recipes? Where do you go for confectionary inspiration?

Help a girl out!

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1 comment:

KLZ said...

I make a banana pudding with cookies that is to die for. I stole the recipe from an aunt.