Tuesday, March 29, 2011

OKLAHOMA!!! (beware of boobie pics)

Spring Break this year took MrZ and I to Oklahoma. He had a blast. He asked to do 2 things: milk a cow and go exploring. Right away, I called my mom (who we would be staying with) and let her know his hopes. She called around, and found a friend of my uncle that owns a dairy farm. This was exciting news for him! He was able to feed some calves from a bottle of milk. They were so adorable. We toured the barn that housed the milking machines, and got up close and personal. I'm so glad my nipples don't droop like this:
We also stopped at Bedre Chocolate Factory. This place makes chocolate covered Pringles people. Let me say that again, so it can roll off my tongue...Chocolate covered Pringles. MMMMmmmm So good.
Mom's house is in the country, and was covered with wildflowers, and gorgeous scenery.

And MrZ was able to use his "exploring" binoculars and compass to roam around the acres of land that Mom lives on. He had so much fun, and is counting the days until he can go back. So am I....So. Am. I.

It was a great Spring Break!

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suzan said...

I had a sorority sister in college who's family had a dairy farm, those milking machines are pretty cool.

BTW, chocolate covered pringles? Sounds deelish! Now I'm craving...