Thursday, January 27, 2011


Nicole (one of my twitter friends) asked a question that I often get asked today: @knitmyrhino do you really knit rhinos?

Of course NOT! Although, if I could, I definitely would. I have yet to master the double ended needles it would require to knit a rhino amigurumi. I do, however, love to knit. It is a very relaxing thing to do with your hands. And I am most certainly not a person who can relax if my hands are not occupied.

I have been knitting for years, and crocheting for decades. Mostly as relaxation. Very rarely do I knit something large or extremely detailed, so I routinely turn to wash cloths or baby blankets when I am de-stressing. Knitting a sweater or socks (using a pattern) would take away too much of the relaxing that I need the knitting to give me.

I also love rhinos. They are beautiful creatures. They persevere through any challenges to protect their own, and that is something I admire. I have survived through many things in my life thus far, and there are many more challenges awaiting me on the horizon. Rhinos remind me that if I stick up my (hypothetical) horn and charge strait forward, keeping a positive attitude, I shall overcome.

So, its fairly simple. When I wanted to come up with an email, blog name and twitter @ I combined the things that bring me what I need. Knitting for relaxation, and rhinos for perseverance. Its not exciting to most, but it serves my needs. And I like it.

Enjoy your day!



Nicole said...

hee hee I got a shout out! Woo Hoo! Also- thanks for clearing that question up for us! love it.

Susie Kline said...

You should try socks. Because they really are fairly mindless unless you use a complicated pattern or when you turn the heel. Two up to prevent second sock syndrome!

I love to knit. And now I want to knit a rhino...

xo Susie