Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Apology

With everything going on around the country, it makes me sad that I let myself get pulled into my own pity party recently. People are dying needlessly and viciously, and I was complaining about feeling helpless with my son being sick.
I apologize. I apologize to those in Arizona, who lost someone they love. I apologize to those who read my blog, and could have spent those few precious moments doing something more important that listening to me whine. I wish I could say it won't happen again. But I am human (I think), so I will probably make more mistakes. Actually, I will, you can count on it.
Let's Move on...
I hope everyone has a great week. Enjoy my flag picture above if you need one for whatever reason. I spent a good 15 minutes on the ground, in my dad's front yard, under his flag for it. I wanted some pictures for the school yearbook to accompany some "Flag Day" pictures I took for them. You should have seen my dad's face when I asked him for a towel to lay under me, because the ground was wet! But the strange looks he was giving me while I lay on the ground were even better.
That brings me to a question I have been wanting to ask. What are some strange places/positions that you have gotten yourself into to get that perfect picture? I could go on for hours with that one. But I want to hear yours!

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