Saturday, December 4, 2010

My favorite Cards to Make...Ever!

After buying up scrapbooking supplies through the year(cause I wait for specials), I'm not even using them this year! Usually, well for the past few years, I make my Christmas cards. Because we can't afford to buy presents for everyone in our families, making special cards for those I adore makes me feel better.

I started doodling the other day on a paper towel, and loved the design! Not to mention, how absolutely zen-like I felt while doing it. So, I decided to start trying it out on the special Christmas cards. They are coming out beautifully! Although I only have iPhone pics right now (camera went kaput), I thought I'd share a few of them!
Card one Card two

So many more to calm me still to go!

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Not So Average Mama said...

Those are spectacular! One of the things I miss most is drawing! Maybe someday my body will work right again. You should make these and sell them!

Jessica- That Tech Chick said...

These are beautiful!

Sandi a::k::a KnitMyRhino said...

Thanks Brandi and Jessica! I don't know if I will ever sell them, I have too many to make for giving as Christmas cards...maybe in the future, You never know!

Crystal said...

I *LOVE* Them!!!!