Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Move over English Almond Toffee...there's a new love in town!

Oh my goodness, me! I have been drinking coffee with International Delight'English Almond Toffee Creamer in it for a while now. However, if you follow me on Twitter @knitmyrhino), then you probably have read two or three tweets where I was complaining about my husband breaking my coffee maker.

It's not rocket science to use a generic GE coffee maker people, but apparently it was completely over his well-meaning head. I do have to give him props because he broke it "trying" to make me some coffee.

I digress.

I do that. A lot.

So, back to the here and now, I remembered that I had my little 4cup coffee maker packed away, from when I was living alone(over 7 years ago). Score! I could now make coffee, albeit more often, but I could make it!

You see, we are going through a really tight spot these days. Between my doctor visits, and meds.. and Mr Z's (my little boy)....we have been dishing out some serious cash lately. So, buying a new coffee maker just wasn't in the cards. I knew when I didn't throw that little coffee maker out that it would come in handy!

To celebrate my awesomeness, I decided to get a different flavor of creamer this time. I'm a creature of habit, when it comes to coffee. So, naturally, I went looking at International Delights, because English Almond Toffee has never done me wrong.

I came across something I considered new, only because I had never seen it in my grocer's dairy case: White Chocolate Mocha. Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom! I love white chocolate, how could it be bad?

It is better than awesome, that is my humble, coffee-loving opinion. My first drink was like witnessing fire-works for the very first time when you are a child. Seriously, if the hubby would have been there, I would have jumped him and made some fire-works of our own. It was THAT DAMNED GOOD!

I went to the International Delights website to grab the pics on this post. You have to know, I am not being paid for this post. I have not recieved any type of compensation...and most likely never will. I just wanted to share a little bit of goodness that entered my crazy life.

Each picture links to the International Delights website, if you want to go see all the wonderful (or not so wonderful) nutrition information on the creamers. They have recipes, coupons, flavor descriptions. I want to try the Marshallow Mocha....I wonder if it tastes like caffeinated hot chocolate? I could definitely go for that! There is even a 55 cent coupon for it on the website!

I told you guys I was gonna break away from only blogging about crafting! I do have some awesome Christmas crafts going on right now with MrZ and his little hoodlum friends though....coming soon!


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Lone Knitter said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm glad I'm not the only lover of children's shows. Good luck with the coffee!