Thursday, July 8, 2010

San Antonio/Sea World Vacation 2010

We survived a family vacation to San Antonio! More like "I" survived. Big MrZ and the hubby thrived. MrZ keeps talking about going on vacation again, but not unless MeMe goes (one of my moms-I'm fortunate enough to have 5 that I call "mom" in some capacity or another-but MeMe raised me, so I am thankful for that). Being that she lives in South Carolina instead of Texas, and that her making this trip with us was a last minute decision because she was visiting Texas, I don't really know how that will work out. But if he really wants her to go, I'm sure all he has to do is ask again. She's a sucker for her grandkids, but aren't most grandmothers that way?

MrZ loved the rides, and was truly disappointed when he was too short to ride some of the bigger roller coasters. He did let me take his picture on a demo seat for the Great White roller coaster, and he even managed a scared pose!

He was able to feed the dolphins, and pet them. But he will be the first to tell you that touching dead fish to feed the dolphins was disgusting!

A big thank you has to go out to Teresa (MIL) for letting us crash at her place to avoid paying for a hotel. I am all about saving money, but I really felt like we were making her feel cramped. Thanks Teresa!



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Teresa said...

No! It was a little cramped for long-term arrangements. But, that's what sleepovers are supposed to be like.

It was a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to the next time!

Ya'll were very considerate guests. Thank you.