Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Try This Again

I have no excuses. I have nothing to say, except...I'm sorry. No way should I have forsaken you, my bloggy friend, for so long. It's pathetic, when I have the time to do it, and I don't actually follow through. I will understand if any of you want to quit being a follower, but that does not mean I will not stalk you (picture me laughing here). Ok, so stalk is a strong word. Unless you are jannypie, then I have to stalk...she makes me laugh.

I've been spending a lot of "quality time" with my yard this summer. Which can loosely be translated as: I've been sweating and dirty for most of the summer. My grass is finally getting more ground coverage, though. And I have a whole new hatred for weeds.

I'm one of those wack-o's you see sitting on the ground pulling weeds by hand, in a never-ending battle. I have this voice in the back of my head that screams every time the hubby suggests spreading weed killer. I think I've seen too many medical dramas where weed killer caused an extra toe to grow on a child, or some poor woman grew a penis from over exposure to weed killer.

My imagination is finally being tamped down, after growing 5 blisters on my left hand from all the weeds. I agreed to let the hubby buy some organic weed killer. Is that an oxi-moron? Organic suggests that it is natural. And weeds are natural, albeit not as pretty as St Augustine grass. Who knows, maybe I'll grow a penis and won't need my hubby any more!



jannypie said...

don't feel bad, most everyone has to take a bloggy break now and then. i haven't even opened my google reader in weeks, i'm so behind on everything. glad to hear you've been enjoying your garden! i definitely hope you don't grow a penis from pesticides.... OR DO I??? *wink*

Not So Average Mama said...

Was that so hard????
P.S. I HATE Captcha!