Monday, February 1, 2010

Obsession #424

I had to go back a bit in my memory for this one, so naturally I gave it a lower number. Don't glare at me with your brows knit like that, this is my bog, and I fully intend to explain the obsession!

It's tax season, I'm sure you know this, and we are all getting paperwork gathered for our submissions to the IRS. That's when The hubby sent me on a scavenger hunt for all of the medical receipts so we could file our taxes. He sent me because we keep stuff like that in (sometimes around) my desk in my art room. You see, he's scared to go in there. Who wouldn't be scared to go into an artist's room, if the fear of having fingers sawed off with rusty blades from an electric knife loomed over your head? Am I right? Its my domain. My sanctuary. I know where everything is (at least I did before the surgery), and can usually tell you exactly where to find something. That is not the case anymore. Grrrrr!!!
He decided I should go hunting, because he already made me mad by destroying my sense of organization in there.
This occured from stuff constantly being piled up on work areas, on floors and pretty much anywhere convenient. For some reason, still unclear to me, my art room became a dumping ground during my infirmary period. Don't get me wrong, because I am forever greatful that the hubby stepped up on the cleaning stuff when I couldn't look to the right without vomitting. But he made piles of stuff he didn't know what to do with, and just started stacking it in my art room. And now, he wants ME to go in there and find the receipts!
So I go in there and start dredging my way towards the desk, and I came across a big bag full of lots of little bags of all colors of felt! Felt, I love felt! I had this grand idea when I thrifted some really low priced felt to embroider some simple book covers for some avid readers in the family. This had been a plan for some Christmas gifts, I'm pretty sure you know by now that Christmas has already passed. I love that my plans were totally screwed up for making stuff this year by a need to have organs surgically removed from my body. I really love it! (If you believe that crock, I'm sorry you must not know my wicked sense of humor)!
So, obsession #424 is felt, or maybe it's book covers, I can't decide.


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Book covers? I like it!