Monday, January 4, 2010

Obsessions part 787 jingle bells

...but only because I'm so lofty in the brain these days. Everything could be an obsession if you talk to other compulsive crafters. I decided after much thought that I wanted to start listing what I obsessed with "currently" that obtains to crafting. The plan is to do this every Monday, so I can look back in a couple of months and say, "wow, that was why I bought that (enter obsession here)" thus being able to remember what my plans were. I am hoping to get more unfinished projects finished this way.

Don't laugh, no matter what my good intensions may have been, I have so much junk in my craft room. And truly do not have room to walk. My prayer to the glue-gun angels is that they will intervene with God on my behalf, asking for my pack rat ways to be forgiven, so that next Christmas I have a gigantic stack of homemade items to gift. Do you think I will get some divine intervention, along with a little inspiration to go with the tremendous task I am undertaking?

I hope so, and I hope all of you other pack rat crafters will jump in and leave comments with yours, or better would leave links to your posts about unfinished projects. I'm not picky, but I would love to know what you are obsessed with!

This weeks obsession is little tiny jingle bells, I have been especially fond of the decorated ones that have been on the shelves at most hobby stores for the holidays. At first, I bought some to make a jingle bell necklace with, then the ribbon and jingle bell writing pens. I think I have approximately 100 of them collected. What would you make if you had that many tiny jingle bells?


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