Thursday, November 19, 2009

What We Did When Mr Z had the H1N1 flu.

First, don't run screaming to the comment line to let me know I haven't blogged in a while. I am fully aware that I am a slacker. I even have a T-shirt that says so. Most of you know already that I have been really sick. For those of you who don't, I'm sick. I don't want to bore anyone, and I don't really want to go into detail about it. I don't feel good. I haven't felt good in a while. And it is NOT going away anytime soon. There. That should suffice. If not, tough.

So anyways, about a month ago, my little Mr Z broke down and puked all over anything made of fabric he could find one night. Where all the puke was coming from, I am not quite sure. I am pretty sure that instead of calling it H1N1 (come on, what kind of stupid name is that? or swine didn't come from pigs...WTF...REALLY????) they should have called it the ALIEN FLU, because UFO's truly take over and make things come out of kids that should not be there.

Back to the puke, he really did puke everywhere. My house reaked, everything was dirty, and once he was tested for the H1N1 (he had other symptoms too), I wouldn't let him play with any of his regular favorite toys. I was too busy sanitizing everything. So, going back a few years, I remembered how much he loved playing in boxes. And I needed him to be still for a little while, so confining him to a box was genius on my part (thank you very much...takes a bow). What the news stations are not telling you, is that if you catch this flu early enough with Tami flu, THE KID IS FINE AFTER 48 HOURS. I am serious, FINE, and full of energy. What sucked was, I had a lot of cleaning to do, and because we had to report his positive test to the school, I was stuck with him. In the house, not being allowed to touch his toys, and full of energy FOR FIVE DAYS.

He is FIVE people....FIVE! He didn't come with an "off" switch either. Not even a "slow down" switch. It is just wrong. So, I made him a rocket ship from a box. I ordered up every On Demand show/movie that had anything to do with outer space or aliens, and he was happy:
He was so happy, I was able to wash 3 comforters, 6 blankets, curtains from 3 rooms, 4 sets of sheets, 8 pairs of pj's, around 30 towels/rags/hand towels, pillow cases galore, and several pillows. That doesn't include all of the "normal" laundry. Did I also mention I had to scrub carpets, walls, bed frames, dressers, and floors? I had to bag up toys spray them down with Lysol (I went through 8 cans of Lysol...and 4 tubbies of throw away Lysol wipes). I did all of that, still not feeling well myself. And managed not to kill my hyperactive five year old. SEE:

He is still alive, barely.

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jannypie said...

this sounds like a nightmare (the flu) but how creative is that box! i'd never had thought of something that fun!