Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twitter Twit

It's official, my husband hates Twitter. I don't use it much on the computer, I don't have to! I have my favorite Twitter Pals tweets sent straight to my phone! I don't know if he is jealous of all of my fabulous friends, and how much I laugh at my phone...or if he just doesn't "get it." Truthfully, I don't get it either. I just know, it is a wonderful day when I laugh at somebody else's weirdness, so I don't have to feel so bad about how weird I am.

Lately, with the ComicCon going on in San Diego, there have been so many hilarious tweets coming across my phone. I literally swallow whatever I am drinking at the time (in fear of snorting it), or make sure I am close to a bathroom (in case I feel the urge to pee a little). Between Jimmy Fallon and FunnyorDie...I have been laughing a lot the last few days.

Then there are the ones that I like to call "friend," even though I have never actually met them. I like how I can just throw a thought out there, and get responses that make me feel like I am not alone in this world. With the kiddo (who will be 5 next Friday, BTW) always making me question my decisions as a parent, and the constant hallucinations of Spider man eating spaghetti...I like having people that can relate with the touch of 140 or fewer buttons. Those "friends" are going through similar circumstances, they understand the regret that comes with deciding NOT to spank the living crap out of that kid that threw a ball at the back of your head whilst you drove in 5 o'clock traffic. They know the feeling of 10 minutes after the incident, still being mad at the kiddo, but the kiddo has thoroughly moved on and doesn't even have traces of his actions in his face or actions...but because you are still mad you think about how you should have spanked his little white as milk hiney until it was bright red. Then he laughs at something random in that unmistakable pure laughter that only kids truly produce, and your heart melts and forgets the, wait...what was I mad at?

Those are the friends that I treasure and thank Twitter for.

Twitter has also brought me a few friends that share my demented sense of humor. Not many, mind you...but a few. That's what this blog entry is really about, thanking them. For making me feel normal, or at least as normal as I can possibly EVER be. Not that normal is a good thing.

Thanks for making me laugh Jannypie.
Thanks for making me laugh Mamakatslosinit.

I know that I normally post about craftiness, but I am having issues with that lately. Let's just leave it at: My body is rebelling against me, wants me to be in pain and is laughing, but not "out loud" at me all day and night.

Soon, I hope to conquer the pain, defeat the evil goblins taking over my life and body. I WILL CRAFT AGAIN. I WILL. AND YOU, my BLOGGY BLOG BLOG...will be the first to celebrate with me.


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jannypie said...

i completely agree!! thank YOU for making me laugh, and making me feel like not everyone thinks i'm a raving lunatic. LOL