Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine Flu Follies

We were supposed to have a soccer game today...Mr Z was really looking forward to it after days of being cooped up inside from rain. But our local government decided to close down all public parks, in lieu of kids possibly getting the "Swine Flu." I am not totally in disagreement with protecting our children, don't get me wrong...but hasn't it been proven that the "Swine Flu" is not as bad as the WHO (World Health Organization) originally thought? I've read in many places that it is easily treatable, and not that serious for "healthy" individuals. I guess that I am just not going to get overly concerned with something like a flu, that isn't nearly as serious as it seems. (please note: this is MY don't have to agree with it)

I think maybe my selfishness is playing a factor here, I did make this awesome shirt to wear to the game today.....

I'm not proud or anything (sniff, sniff), I just wanted everyone to know that this cutie:
He's MINE!!! I guess my shirt will have to wait until they open up the parks again...sigh. I am counting my blessings that he is healthy, and not nearly as succeptible to the flu...I don't like to see him sick. I just think there are worse things out there to worry about.

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