Sunday, May 3, 2009


I thought that since I am currently unable to crochet (broken fingers), that I would at least let you see what I made a while back. I was trying to rearrange things in my art/craft room to accommodate for the new easel that the hubby and Mr Z made for me (yes!! I said made!!!), and I came across this:
It's an amigurumi-like crocheted pincushion. I made it with some leftover black acrylic yarn, and stuffed it with a soap-free steel sponge and some poly-fill. It's not from any pattern per-se. I just started with a magic ring and let the yarn lead me. I love it.

When I first finished it, I remember telling myself I was only going to use red pins on can see how that turned out.


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poketypatch said...

sorry about the fingers - but that is pretty cute!