Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yeah!!! It's finally finished!!

Ladies and Gentlemen: I finally finished my camera strap that I have been planning for months!
YAY! I knew I needed something comfortable for my camera, and I bought this beautiful ribbon a while back, with the good intentions of using it for something (I just didn't know what). Then, yesterday (during my peaceful day), visions of camera straps started wondering through my mind. I hand stitched this little cutie:
I added vintage buttons and some little bows to make it even more girlie, or maybe just because I could....who knows. I love it! Although, the stitching looks terrible, I am completely content with it.
When I showed it to the hubby, he made that face: "There is no way I am picking up that thing with that ribbon on it now." BONUS!!! It's all mine now....he he sharing the camera anymore!


Sparcam said...

Sandi! Thank you so much for the snail mail today! Loved the games and the bookmark. I agree, the card swap is awesome!

Sparcam said...