Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some Picture Sharing

A few weekends ago, we took a drive up to visit my mom. It had been so long since I had been up there, I had forgotten about the little treasures she has all over her house. Her kitchen is a little bit everything, but there were some needlework and antique gems I just had to share.

This first one is framed, so I couldn't find out who the artist was. It is kind of a mix between emboidery and crewel. I love the colors, but most of all the prairie girl:

Then not too far from that was this little beauty:

I love the vintage untencils. They have old wooden handles, that were at one time painted red. I bet they were fun to collect. If you look closer, you can see what they are hanging on is an old iron rake (not on it's handle of course). Isn't it fabulous??
Of course under the shelves of tea cups and saucers were these adorably appliqued vintage dish towels!!! I love them....almost as much as the visit!!!

There is just one more thing I wanted to share, last week before going to church I took a snapshot of my cuties (hubby and Mr Z):
If I could stand the hunt-n-pecking for much longer I would share more....but I have reached my limit! Thank you all for you emails and comments of support, I am so mad at myself for being so clumsy, but your encouraging words have been extremely helpful!!

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knitingmyrhino's mom said...

Thanks for all your compliments on my gathering of all things red! The picture was done by Cheryl for Nana when "Holly Hobby" was the "thing" to have as a youth. Also, the frame was made by grandad. It's a treasure for sure since it's the work of two people I care very much for, as you know.

Love you sweetie,