Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So I did it, GET OVER IT!!

I'm normally not one to care too much about what people think about how I attire myself. I get made fun of, a lot. I am asked on numerous occasions, "What were you THINKING??" In most instances, I shrug it off, and respond, "I like it!"

Truly, who cares if someone doesn't quite approve of your flowered ankle socks under your Doc Marten sandals? I don't, I love bright colors, and the shoes are the most comfortable ones I own.

Am I fashion forward? Absolutely not!

Can I tell you what you should wear to accentuate your body style or coloring? Most likely.

Just because I have the information, doesn't mean I have to use it! I like being comfortable, I hate ironing....but most of all: I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME ON EARTH GETTING DOLLED UP!!!! What is the point? My husband loves me for who I am, and I am NOT Barbie. His favorite thing to see me wear is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If I add to it, bonus for him!

I don't enjoy wearing make-up, it breaks me out. I have enough going on in that department from all the medications I have to take, I do not need any help.

I hate curling irons, they were invented by the devil, and I stand by that with my whole being. Every time I pick one up, I burn myself somewhere. I even have burn scars on my legs, from dropping the damned things on me.

This brings me to my point: I cut my hair off....most of it. I sport a very short (about 1 inch long) spiky haircut. All I have to do is wash my hair, no conditioner mind you, towel dry it...and slap some hair glue in it. WALAHHH! Hair done! I could not have imagined life could be so free.

I have had this "do" for a while now, I originally got it by accident. I had taken my toddler (at the time) to get his hair cut. They offered to watch him while I got a quick trim, that didn't pan out...he rushed the stylist....the scissors attacked my locks.....the rest is history. I have since fallen in love with it, to the dismay of many around me. It is not the most flattering hair style on my chubby round face. I know this. BUT, I STILL LOVE IT!!

Back off already! I am over being made fun of, and hurt by the fact that many of those that do the snickering are my own family! Why can't you all just love me because I am always making you guys stuff? Oh, wait, I meant to say, "because I am ME???" Oops!

Happy April, my birthday is coming soon, if you hate my hair that much...go buy me a frigging wig!



(This has been part of Mamakat's writer's workshop) Your turn.

.....It has come to my attention that I may be hurting some feelings with this blog post. That was not my intention, I promise. This is not directed at any ONE person, and I am not in the habit of hurting those that I cherish. If your feelings have been hurt, and you have taken this personally....DON'T. I just wanted to participate in Mamakat's writer's workshop, and my hair has become somewhat of an "issue." I have been brooding over why it has become such an issue, and this seemed like a good outlet for my frustration.


Molly said...

Super short hair is the best! Rock on!

Christy said...

too funny...