Friday, April 17, 2009

Long-Awaited Treasure

Mr. Z has been begging me for a treasure box, but he wanted one we kept seeing in the Oriental Trading Co. catalog. I just couldn't see spending money on a cardboard box that looks like a treasure chest. (That, and he didn't need all the little toys and junk that comes inside it).

Then, last week, we were walking around Hobby Lobby (of course...where else would we be?) and guess what? All of their Paper Mache craft items were 50% off!! Oh YEAH! This humongous treasure chest was a whopping $3.50 (+tax). He wanted to paint it himself, so I let him at it with primary colors. He chose where the green, blue, red and yellow are. He even painted most of it. Then, he did't like it. So, the Paint-Fairy came in the middle of the night and did some "touching up."

He LOVES IT!!!!!

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