Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Home Hooked: Cute Monkey!

OMG! This guy is so cute I can hardly stand it! In a perfect world, where I had loads of money to burn...he would be sitting on my table beside my reading chair in my sitting room! I just don't have the money to spend (at the moment). But you can go to Home Hooked's Esty store and have him sitting somewhere special that would make you smile! She has tons of cuties waiting for your home, or for your special little person. I recommend browsing through them, but be warned: CUTENESS ALERT!!! You WILL be tempted to snatch up quite a few of them!

I personally love her duck series...all kinds of characters, for the collector in all of us!

Also, check out her blog: Home Hooked You won't be disappointed!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, the Easter bunny has been hard at work in this house. Unfortunately, my 4 year old is a little too smart for his britches, so the Easter bunny is having to be VERY SNEAKY!!!


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