Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Things Come in 3's

Welcome!!! To my 100th POST!!!!!
I'm celebrating today, which is also Earth Day
and also MY BIRTHDAY!!!!
That's right! 3 great things to celebrate...pop open a good bottle of bubbly... I am giving something wonderful away! Actually, I am giving three things away!
First up: I finished the stained glass cross stitch I designed and inserted it into this awesome keepsake box......
Isn't it pretty???? Here is an open box view:For you, I am also putting a GREEN shopping tote inside it (to celebrate EarthDay!!)
And for those of you that know me know I love to read, so I am going to put some cute bookmarks inside it for your reading enjoyment!!
Thank you all so much for your kind emails and support through my artistic and mommy adventures. I am happy that I am able to share my birthday with each of you.
Now...down to how you enter for the drawing (which Mr Z will pull out of a hat).

To enter your name:

1 entry for being a follower

1 more if you blog about my 100th post giveaway and come back and leave a comment letting me know to check it out!

and last but not least...1 entry for leaving me a comment telling me Happy Birthday!!!! I am going to leave the drawing eligibility open until Friday @12 midnight CST.

Thank you all for sticking it out with go out and celebrate the Earth!!!!!



Teresa said...

Happy Birthday, Sandi!

Very pretty stained glass design!

Ooh, I'm no longer a blog comment virgin!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Well Happy Birthday and Happy 100th post. That's exciting stuff. :)

Kristy said...

Thanks for the card!!! Cute blog!