Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Favorite Finds (part 8)

We are geitting closer and closer to my 100th post!!! I am so happy!!! I was hoping to have it coincide with my birthday (next Wednesday...yes, I am lucky enough to have Earth Day as my birthday!), but I don't know if I can get that many in without bombarding you with multiple posts per day. What do you think? Can you guys handle it?

I have some really great stuff I am giving away to celebrate, but I am keeping it under wraps until the big day. Guess you'll have to keep coming back, he he he.

So, on to Fridays Favorite Finds. I love me some Mary Corbet's Needle N Thread (if you have been reading a while, you have seen me feature her before). On Wednesday, she posted about something that caught my eye. It's called The Online Needlework Show, and it is like eye candy galore for the embroiderer, cross-stitcher or basically any form of needlework (including knitting and crocheting). I literally got lost clicking throught page after page of various vendor's works.

Two (or three, I lost count) days later, I had to just say NO!!! I have spent so much time browsing, drooling and coveting the massive amounts of things to add to my "MUST HAVE" lists. There are patterns, completed works, tools of every needlework trade...all waiting to deplete my savings. Though I will undoubtedly continue to visit the site, and all the various vendors sites as well...I had to promise myself that I would walk away. FOR NOW.

But, I did bring a little eye candy home for my loverly friends!

The first is gorgeous, and that just barely begins to touch on its beauty:
If you visit Gitta's, you will come across that wonderful Family Tree. Just sit back, take a deep breath, take in the awesomeness. When I first got a peek of this tree, I imagined all the family member's names stitched on each little picture...all the extra details and scrollwork. The plethera of locations in my home as well as my mom's house, my dad's house, my sister's house. There are so many inspirations being caused by this tree, it's unfathomable...the daydreaming involved.
Then, of course, was this wonderful example of Quaker samplers from Monasterium:

The different seasons, the colors, the design...breathtaking artistry (of course, these are my opinions-if you don't like them, I apologize for monopolizing your time).

I encourage you to visit The Needlework Show. But make sure before you do, have a drink ready (and maybe even a snack, depending on how often your body needs nourishment).

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