Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Favorite Finds (part 7)

It's here, Friday...and a very busy week it has been. I have a lot of wonderful things planned for you, the wonderful followers (all ten of you)! Some surprises are sneaking up as my 100th post looms in the near future. But, that is for a later date, now I bring you...Friday's Favorite Finds!

I stumbled, recently, across a truly gifted artist, JmDay. She is also amazingly crafty. She has inspired me to make this:
I have been eyeballing those ribbon storage boxes at JoAnn's and Michael's for a while, wondering to myself how I was going to make one....cause the cheapIE in me won't spend that much money on a box. Seriously, what are they trying to pull over on me? There is one that is almost $30!!! I have in my supplies everything needed to make one like JmDay has crafted, I cant wait to have the "time" to do so.
She makes the most beautiful quilts, including this gorgeous recent completion:

How could anyone not be inspired to create such beauty if they had an organized room like this:

I hope you are as inspired as I am, I don't think I will be taking up quilting any time soon, considering my fear of the sewing machine. But, I am making that ribbon box...and I might even organize my craft/art room while I am at it!

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