Sunday, April 19, 2009

Feelin' The Love

Saturday was a quiet and peaceful day for me. The hubby took Mr. Z on some "manly" errands about town, so I was able to just sit and read, or do some crafting. I spent a huge chunk of the morning staring out my second-floor window at a tree. Not just any tree, a tree in my backyard..outside my craft-room window. There are three bird's nests in it! I sat in my chair, perched by the window, and watched as the different birds fended off would-be threats to their families. It was so amazing!

Later on in the day, the hubby and Mr. Z came home with goodies! I love collection of them is a little over the top, but they make me sooooooo happy! So when the hubby was at the sporting goods store (getting Mr Z the next size up in cleats), and noticed some sneakers with rhinos all over them...he got them for me! I love them!

He also stopped by the hardware store to get a few things for doing some around the house maintenance, and saw these:

They are scissors that you can use for making fringe (or a mess if you let Mr Z try them out)!!! The wonderful hubby had no clue what they were for, but he thought of me! He said, "I knew they were weird, and that you would probably know exactly what to do with them." He was right, they are weird. And, I know exactly what to do with them!!!! How awesome is this man?

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