Sunday, March 15, 2009

My birthday is coming know, April 22nd for those of you who are OLD and forget things! I want some of these so bad I can see them sitting around my house:

Click on the picture to visit Maya's blog, she'll tell ya when you can get em. Or go to her Etsy Shop.
I hope I can get at least ONE before they sell out! Her stuff always sells so fast when she schedules them to be available.

You know, I KNOW that some of you can sew also. Sew (he he he) you could always just make me some. Me and my WIPs would be mighty thankful!


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~Barb~ said...

OMG, how have I not found your blog before? I get so overwhelmed that following my fellow bloggers sometimes fall by the wayside. I'm so glad to have you on my list've got such goodies you're sharing here. YAY!
Peace & Love,