Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lisa Hannigan | Sea Sew

I love to watch the Colbert Report. It is one of the few things that I take the time to sit and watch, aside from General Hospital. I am a confessed GH junkie, I even chose to name my little one after one of the characters. But I digress, imagine that. I saw a new artist/musician on the Colbert Report that had me in awe. She designed her album cover, which I think is amazing. And when I checked out her music, I loved her even more.

Here is a pic of her album cover:Isn't that fabulous? And her music is so soothing. Go here and check it out!

And in unrelated news, remeber the butterfly embroidery I had started sometime back for my niece? Well I had lost it, I searched everywhere. The other day I was going through my bags/purses so that I could trim them down and make some donations to Goodwill. I was at an overload, and needed to make room for more (I can never have too many). Well, the butterfly was inside one of the inside zipper compartments of one of them! So happy, I am. So, now I have another thing to finish. Ha, Ha, Ha!

Don't forget to check her out: Lisa Hannigan Sea Sew, you won't be disappointed.


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