Friday, March 6, 2009

I didn't die, I promise!

I'm still here, I haven't forgotten spwechiallll bloggy fwiend! I have been busy reeling in the moment around here. My bestest friend in the world (Leanna) and her daughter have been in town visiting! She lives in GA and with the money being tight in the dear hubby's wallet...travelling and visiting far off lands has not been easy.

I do have several tidbits of info for dearest blog (I cannot believe I am talking to you as if you are actually a "you", whatever works).

Firstly (is that a word?)...I have decided to take part in Summer's blogversations this week. Well, not actually me, Leanna is doing it. Only she doesn't know she is doing it it's still a little iffy. But in any case, if she won't do it, my little cutie Mr Z loves to be on the videocamera...that ought to be good. Summer has listed some questions over at her blog Le Musings of Moi, that we are supposed to dupe an unsuspecting victim into answering on camera about ourselves. I don't think that is how she described making the choice of who the interviewee shall be, but that is how I like to imagine it. I can already see Leanna strapped to a chair, with the little ones surrounding her with loaded nerf guns. SAWEEEEEET!!! (That's what she gets for moving away from me.)

That should be posted Saturday promises as to what exact time, however.

Secondly (word?)...I am chomping at the bit for Mr Z to have another birthday party for one of his little playmates to come up because of this:

Oh, heck, who am I kidding? I will be making these for any little kid that takes the chance of crossing my path...all kiddos should be given art supplies...ALL OF THEM!!!!! I saw these over at Little Birdie Secrets, crafty that one is (in my best Yoda immitation). She turned that ugly little cover on the art set into a personalized art set, for little to no money (very good thing). It makes me proud, and a little excited to see such creative and thrifty things popping up out there.

So, I am off for now, and I have pictures coming soon of Mr Z and (what I will lovingly refer to as Baby M) Leanna's little darling daughter. That little one has stolen my heart away.


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