Friday, March 20, 2009

Fridays Favorite Finds (part 6)

This edition of Friday's Favorite Finds has been a result of something I stole out of the hubby's garage! I had been planning to hit up the local hardware store the next time I had a chance ,but I was waiting for the need to buy more than just this:
That's right all of you loyal Needle 'n Thread followers! I got me some, and I did NOT have to go to the MAN STORE!! If you have no clue what I am talking about, Mary (at Needle 'n Thread) recently posted a great find. She used these key tags to label and control her embroidery floss, click on the picture to go directly to that post:
Mary is a genius, and I love her tutorials, I wish she would have been my teacher when I was in school. I love her brilliant idea to use the key tags, however, I don't do as much needlework as she does. I had no need to go beyond the boring organization I already have for my embroidery floss, so the tags were hanging on my craft bench until last night. I keep everything written down, in some form or another, I have to, my mind never stops. And apparently I can't remember my last name from one minute to the next, either...ask the wonderful hubby about that argument.
So I was looking for something I had written a while back and I started pulling out my notebooks one after the other to find it. It is irritating that it is not easier to read the sides of these things when it is so easy to write in them:
Then, all of a sudden, LIGHT BULB!!!!!!! I knew I needed those key tags:

So, FFFs part 6 is definitely KEY TAGS!!!!!!

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