Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Favorite Findes part 5??

I have some fabulous ribbon that I get here and there (mostly whenever it is on sale). I even have some cute soccer ball ribbon that I have been dying to find something creative to make with, because you know that as a "soccer mom" I have to be fabulous. Well, I don't have to be, but I already adding a little pizzaz to my outfits for soccer days will only enhance that fabulosity!

So, I am going through my google reader, looking at all the wonderful things that people are doing and reading what they are saying. Guess what I came across? I bet you have no idea, well maybe you do, because you sneaked a peek at the picture....just look at it though:
I already have the jeans picked out that I am going to do this to. So, today's FFF is definitely
turkey feathers: Tourniquet Patch. Turkey Feathers is a great crafting blog, lots of ideas, and wonderful pictures. I also realy like the layout, I don't say that often. I'm picky about that kind of stuff!
So, check out turkey feathers, and let me know if you want me to tourniquet patch a pair of your jeans with my soccer ribbon, because I think I have like 20 yards of it! I am all about sharing!

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