Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A few finished projects, FINALLY!!!

I finally took pictures of the Yarn Ball Keeper that I made to bring along for Mr Z's soccer games that I told you about in this post. I love it so much. What is awesome, is the ribbon is interchangeable. With my ever-changing mind, this is a good thing. I have lots of different ribbon that I can use to change up the look, and most of it would look pretty amazing with red.
The top of it is like a draw-string, with the ribbon of course. Isn't the soccer ribbon adorable?
Here it is with a knitting WIP. I have been making a lot of baby wash rags lately. Not for myself of course, but many of my friends and family are sporting baby humps as of late.
I also wanted to show you what I did to spruce up my kitchen a bit. I have the fabric I used on this project in my kitchen as curtains, hand sewn by me...still with the sewing machine phobia, I know. It's a container I purchased at Target that holds dishwasher soap tabs. I love the little thing so much, I just keep reusing it. So, I thought that I would make it match my kitchen a bit more. I love me some Tacky glue, so I carefully glued some of the leftover curtain fabric on and added a little red grossgrain ribbon. Now it can sit out on the counter without being an eyesore!

I love the vintage fabric, and the whole damask look is coming back with a vengence. So, I snapped it up when I saw it, and at a really great price too!
Here is a pic of it with the lid open...please pay no attention to my badly manicured (more like unmanicured) fingers!
That is all I have for now, but I have so much more coming soon. I also want to remind you that my 100th post giveaway is swiftly approaching, so stay tuned!

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