Monday, March 16, 2009


I took the plunge, I wanted something specific for my blog. I have been drooling over the designs over at Cutest Blog On The Block for a while now. Only problem is, I wanted some of the colors in the text, background and borders of the "body" a little different.

HTML petrifies me, it is (according to some others) a fairly easy "language." I think it is jibberish, and it gives me a headache to look at. I finally decided to figure some basics out, though. How do you like the new design for my blog? It wasn't too painful, just time consuming.

Thanks to all my friends who talked me into it!


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~Barb~ said...

You did great! Now, just to tweak it a little more so that all three of your columns go to the top...go into the HTML and make the center section 10 or 20 pixels smaller so your right column comes to the top.

I hope that helps. I love the colors and layout!

Peace & Love,