Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bringing out the GIRLIE GIRL in me

A while back, I bookmarked a page that was referenced to by another blog. Being the "bad" note-keeper that I am, I didn't write a note who I found it through. As such, I must apologize to anyone who reads this post, that might have originally posted about this web site before I am. Ooops! I just can not help myself, I have been saving it for Easter because I imagine if I had a little girl, I would be printing these out left and right for her Easter basket!
I may do it anyways, just for me.

Paper dolls....wait, let me relive my youth. Ok, moment over. There is a whole website dedicated to Betsy McCall Paper Dolls. They have archives of every issue organized by month ready and waiting for you to print out and play with! I must admit though, if I had any aptitude with a sewing machine, I would totally make that yellow dress for myself!

My favorite part is the note at the bottom of the pages where it says you can send it for a cardboard copy for 10 cents! I am imagining a time of such prices.


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