Monday, February 23, 2009

YAY! I have pictures again!

I don't know how I survived before digital photography, or scanners for that matter. I only went a little over a week without pictures to show you, and I had a hard time breathing through that.

I have a few things to show you. First, is a little heart-button and embroidered flower "thingy" that I made for the hubby for Valentine's. I know that you are probably sick and tired of the hearts that have been all over the internet lately, but I didn't get to show you mine! Suck it up!
This next one is a little doodle stitching I started a while back that I have gotten pretty far on. I found this red scarf at the thrift store (probably over a year ago), and knew I wanted to make something out of it as soon as I snatched it up. And, since I am totally into making book covers lately, I am stiching this up at random, then attaching it to some black fabric for a cover when it is done. I can not wait to see what happens.

I know you probably think I have fallen off of my rocker (which I have actually done!), but I adore the yellow polka-dots on that one's head!
Tomorrow, only one more V-Day pic...the card that I made for the hubby. I can not wait for you to see it! I am usually my worst critic, but I have to say, I did a really good job on his card.

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