Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I miss you

My blog, I have been missing you. I have nothing to report except that Mr Z seems to be slowly getting over his mucus infestation. Well, at least I thought he was getting better. Until a few minutes ago, more like a half hour. I am not sure what brought it on, or whether it is related to the "infestation." It went a little something like this:

Him: "Mom, can you pause the show?" (cause he was watching Batman...I was knitting)
Me: "Sure babe."
--he runs off to the bathroom as I pause the cartoon (OMG I love DVR)...

(here is where I hear the echo of him going tinkle in the toilet...along with a very funny sounding toot, toot, toot.)

Me: "He He He...YOU ARE SUCH A GASSY BOY!!!" (of course I had to yell cause he was in the other room)
Him: "Mom, I think I pooped a little.."

(me thinking ewwww)

Him: "MOM!! I pooped out of the toilet! Not peeeee! I pooped out!!!" (this is because he sometimes tinkles out a little still when he is sitting for a poop session.)


I throw the knitting down, get up and go to the bathroom to find him standing there facing the toilet, in boy-like pee stance. Undies down to his knees. With what looked like very very very runny mud piled on his undies where it fell. Running down his legs....and what seemed like around 12 inches in diameter of brown runny mud on the floor. (I instinctively stopped breathing through my nose, for fear of a terrible smell making me vomit right next to his "mud").
Him: "MOM!!! HELLLPPPPP!!!!"
Me: "Just stand really still honey, I'm gonna grab some paper towels!"
Him: "Mom, I am sorry...I didn't know I needed to poo."
Me: "Aw, honey, I know...sometimes accidents happen."
Him: "Mom, please get it off of me, it is dripping down my legs!"

I won't bore you with the details of cleaning him up, then throwing him the bathtub. Cleaning up the mess was painful, as I had to be on the floor for most of it. My back is now killing me, but he is clean and happy again....nuff said.
Needless to say, I threw the undies and shirt he was wearing away with the paper towels and Lysol wipes....I am not even gonna try.

Just thought I would tell you, my bloggy friend, why I haven't been around. My life is a little more demanding when Mr Z is not feeling well.


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Michele said...

Now, that makes for a fun afternoon! (snort!)