Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I am soooooooo happy! The wonderful hubby did NOT forget Valentine's Day (this year). I was awaken this am with my favorite breakfast, made by the hubby and Mr Z...French toast and scrambled eggs. (Don't laugh, I know you prolly have WEIRD favorites too!) Then, I laughed all morning as I watched the two of them play secret spies all over the house. I say watch, because I can't move nearly as nimbly as the two of them. Of course, I participated by being the "Alpha Leader, at the home base." With my handy walkie-talkie, I sent them on mission after mission...all through the house. They even captured a dragon!
For lunch, I ate chocolates from the boxes of heart-shaped Valentine's I was given over toast. I know, not healthy, but who was a gift! (I personally consider gifts as calorie and sugar-free..good for you no matter what...and always acceptable!) The hubby gave me some alone time after that, by taking Mr Z to the park. Got to love alone time!
While I was upstairs crafting away in my artroom, my loving hubby made spagetti from scratch for dinner. He even made grilled cheese for Mr Z, because he accidentally put too much crushed red pepper in the sauce (thus making it inedible for Mr Z).
I love my family.
I handmade a beautiful card for the hubby, and he loved it. I would have taken pictures for you to see it, but my computer is fried.
So, until I can get my computer fixed that has all of my camera and printer/scanner software on it, there will only be written posts. The hubby thinks it is just the monitor, I hope so.


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