Friday, February 27, 2009

Fridays Favorite Finds (part 4)

It's Friday folks, well for me it still is. I am writing this a little late, because I had very welcome out-of-town visitor today.

I hope that everyone had a fantabulous (I am in the process of writing my own dictionary) week! It has been a very busy one around here. Mr Z had 2 soccer practices this week in preparation for tomorrow's first game. I am excited about that, and maybe a little apprehensive.

Back to business, I have to say that I am happy to finally be writing about this little lady that I came across crafty blog surfing. She is creative, funny and a terrific mommy. Although I just recently added myself to her following and added her little button (see right side buttons), I have been keeping my little eye on her for a while. Her name is Tonya, and she writes 3 (yes, THREE) blogs. But my favorite is Currently Crafting.

Here is the post that drew me in... You've Got Mail. She decorated these cute little mailboxes (that she found dirt cheap I must add!) for her kiddos.

I love it, and Mr Z loves to send and receive mail, there is some fascination there that I am not entirely following. So, I think I must give this a go. Her tutorials are incredibly detailed and full of pictures. The picture thing is right up my alley, since half the time I cannot translate the written word into reality.

Let's just hope that I can find the little mail boxes as cheap as she did!

Have a great weekend y'all! (can you tell I am in Texas?)


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