Saturday, February 7, 2009

1 down...a GAZILLION to go!

I finished a WIP!! Yay me! I don't guess I can call it a WIP anymore though, its now FW(finished work?) or DWIF(done with it finally) or some other acronyms I could make up, all I know is it is done. And I know I am happy with it.

I also know, I forgot to take a completed picture for you. Doh!!! (I'll be over there tomorrow to take a pic, Elaine)

But here is what it looked like IP(in progress...LMAO...I am goin a little crazy here)...

It's a coffee cozy, well at that point, it was a knitted piece of fabric. I didn't end up using the butterfly charm. It being metal, and sometimes coffee must be reheated in the microwave...or is hot already (my overactive imagination going...) and the coffee heats up the charm and burns a butterfly shape into your me.

I think Mr Z being sick is going to my head. I thought he was getting better, that is what I get for thinking. He has been coughing up a lung for a few hours, to the point of puking...nice visual huh? I went in and rubbed some of that vapo-creamy stuff on his chest, gave him a sip of water, puffed his inhaler in him and hugged him. He doesn't have a fever, just hacking it up. I gave up on trying to watch any of my DVR'd shows, can't hear em. I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon, I have a weeks worth of General Hospital beckoning me.


ps...I really do love him, I am just tired...and missing my Jason Morgan fix.

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