Saturday, January 31, 2009

Valentine's (hush hush)...update on Mr Z

OOhhhh so many things were afoot today(Saturday...not sure what time it is where you live. It's never a good thing to start your Saturday morning off by going to file your taxes. Don't get me started on that malarkie...this is a crafty blog ( I think). Then there were lots and lots of errands to be seemed like it would never end. But my favorite part of the day was the very last errand. I can't say that I was actually there, but it is a milestone in Mr Z's life.
Mr Z's daddy (my wonderful hubby) took him to get the things required for him to play soccer. His very first team sport! I stayed home, partly because I was exhausted, but mostly because picking out and trying on cleats and shin guards was something I knew absolutely nothing about. The hubby kind of wanted it to be a daddy-son thing anyways. "sigh." They came home so excited. It was a bit contagious. My heart is filled with all kinds of "my baby is growing up too fast" moments to cherish.
I am also happy to say, I was able to snap some really great photos (for me) of some of those WIPs I have been promising. So here goes:

First...I am kinda breaking the rule, because this one actually got finished the other day.

This is a hand-stitched book cover. As you can see, I am still working on my embroidery isn't very clean, and the measurements were a bit "off," but I think it has potential. It fits really tightly on the book I am currently reading. There really isn't a pattern per say, but if you google cat skull and bones images you will see all kinds of variations of this little kitty. There are some totally cute ones on flicker too. I just jumbled them up in my head, and started cutting felt. Probably not the smartest thing for me to do, considering my lack of mastery in embroidery. That just happens to be my most gratifying process...letting it take me where it is destined...
Here is a close-up of the (roadkill-kitty as Mr Z has so kindly named it) "cat and bones" is what I am going to call it.
The next thing I am going to show you is a valentine I am working on for my hubby.
I was originally going to doodle stitch a heart, but I came across these wonderful shades of pink and red in my button box. The only problem is, can not decide if I want to make a card with it, or be "sneaky sneaky" by stitching it to the inside of his big fat binder-organizer-whatchamacallit. I am leaning towards the latter, that way he will think of how much I love him every time he opens it at work!
The next goodie I have for you is an adorable little box that I printed from a free PDF that was graciously contributed to blogtopia by OrangeBeautiful. This little bit of craftiness is going to Mr Z with his favorite candys in it...I can hardly wait.
That's all I have for you today. I hope you are ready now to make a gift for valentine's day instead of buying this year. Keep checking back, I still have a lot of WIP's to get completed.

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