Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's Challenge

Heart Day is fast approaching, are you as excited as I am???? I have so many ideas for what to make for my hubby. What are you going to make for your significant other? This is my challenge to you: MAKE instead of buy your Valentine something special from your "heart."

I remember when Valentine's was more about love and spending time together, and of course the childhood "handmade" valentines. Makes me think of paper doilies, red construction paper, glue, crayons and glitter (what would childhood be without glitter???). This year, in lieu of purchasing something from your nearest bulk department store, or buying something outrageously expensive for your loved ones....I challenge you to look around your house and get creative!

Use an empty oatmeal canister, cover it with paper and slap on some glue and glitter. Make some paper flowers from the origami site I linked you yesterday. WAHLAHHHH...you have a cute vase, and handmade flowers!!

If you're the crochet/knitting type...whip up a few hearts, string them together and decorate your mantle with some valentine garland!

Embroider a card instead of buying one....there are loads of websites to get sweet proverbs about love through any of your favorite searches.

If you are not into embroidery...there are also cross stitch patterns waiting for your needle and embroidery floss to tackle.

After you decide, send me an email and pic and let me see what you thought of from your heart!! I will post it if you are OK with me doing so, or not if you are blogger-shy.

I hope we can all be inspired to make something special this year. (On a side note, if you are just down-right "uncrafty," go to etsy.com....there are thousands of handmade valentine's to choose from.)


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