Friday, January 30, 2009

Twinkle toes???

Twinkle toes???, originally uploaded by Knitmyrhino.

I couldn't wait to share this pic with you all. I recently went to my LYS (for all you weirdos who don't know what that is...Local Yarn Store) to find some yarn for a collage I have in the works. Mr Z went with me, and he sat down at this little table, posed..and said, "take a picture of me mom!"

What more could I ask for? My cutie patootie in a yarn store, happy, and letting me take a picture of him with the yarn all around him??? I would have paid big bucks to have my good camera there with me, but alas...I only had my cell phone. I didn't want to lose the moment, so I took it, thus the very poor quality. But who cares??? I now have my very own picture of my little man, and yarn!

The only thing that could have made it any better would have been my hubby sitting next to him (in a perfect world-knitting) with a big smile on his face. But I have to drag him through the craft dept. at Wally-World, you think I am EVER going to get him a Yarn Store???


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Michele said...

A boy in a yarn store! Darling.