Saturday, January 10, 2009

Somethin' for the "knitters" (or wannabeeees)

I was surfing through the blogs today, and I came across something extremely helpful. I had talked to many people about knitting, and the processes of casting on, etc. I remember a few of you wanting to know how to cast on, or if there were easier ways to do so. I usually refer back to the good ole "long-tail" method of casting on, but a few times I have used the "cable cast on." So when I saw Kristin over at CRAFT LEFTOVERS had posted a tutorial for the "cable cast on," I knew I had to link you guys over there.
It is a great tutorial, with step-by-step pictures and wonderful descriptions! So, for those of you that are too far away for me to show you in person, go here. If you check it out, be sure to leave a comment and let her know Sandi at CraftingWithRHINOS sent ya!


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