Tuesday, January 27, 2009

One of many WIPs

I've been so busy lately, I must apologize for neglecting you my dear blog. You need petting and grooming also, but I have been in one of those crafting modes where I am finishing up some stuff. A lot of WIPs (work in progress- for those of you reading who don't know what that means) have been laying around...calling out to me, "will you please finish me!" Thus, when your crafts start talking to you, I feel like I must get on the ball and complete at least one or two of them. HA HA HA!! I don't think I have even put a dent in the crazy talking knitting, crocheting, sewing, painting, la la la etc. etc.....EEEEKKKK!!! My crafts are talking to me!
So anyways, I finally got my craft/artroom organized, so I started completing a few things. (pics are soon to be posted "I promise") Here is one of the many I am almost done with:

It is a stained glass window in cross-stitch on aida 14-count red fabric. I am not sure how the idea came about other that blog hopping. But I am finished with the green, now I need to add purple and orange...frame it up, Wa Laaaa!

Tomorrow, my goal is to lay all of my finished projects out and take some good pics so I can overload you on pics. Won't that be fun? See? I haven't forgotten you my lovely blog...oh sheesh, now I am talking to my blog...what is next???