Monday, January 19, 2009

Handprint Embroidery

Ok, ladies and gents, I am almost finished with the "Heirloom" embroidery project I mentioned in this post. When I am finished, I will show you the pics. Anyways, I am so excited! I found the perfect frame for it! And I didn't even have to leave the house. Turns out that a frame I bought a long long time ago (I have no clue when, I just know it moved with us when we bought our house last year), was right under my nose.

I discovered it when I was rearranging my art/craft room this last week (that's why I have been on the fritz as far as blogging goes--I had nothing crafty to divulge). It is a gorgeous redwood shadowbox frame. I hope it takes better pics once I have the "hand" embroidery in it, all I could get was blur from light when I took pics today. I guess we will see. But, just in case, I will take pics of the hand embroidery before and after framing.

Just one more thing before I go...I found a really awesome website. It is all about origami. It has patterns and how-to's in video and diagram picture formats for origami. Which is wonderful. But what I really really love is that it has printable paper! For all you scrapbookers out there, you should totally check it out. There are some Japanese papers for printing that are absolutely breathtaking!!!!! The website is called Origami Club, you can link it here.

Tomorrow, I have a wonderful challenge for you all....until then,


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