Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Favorite Finds

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Today, I am starting a weekly post. Every Friday, I will link you to something/someone that I find special, or think you should know about. I will call it "Friday Favorite Finds," you can call it whatever adjective you would like. Just remember this is a family site.

For my first FFF...I wanted to linky you to one of the cutest finds on ETSY!!! BigFish..she has several stores, but my fave is the one with needle books and buttons...TONS of colorful buttons. I'm a button freak, so all the pics of buttons make me have one of those ear-to-ear grins that make my kiddo and hubby want to know what I am up to...he he he. Her needle books are ingenious, and cute to boot! This one is my absolute favorite....
So, go check her shops out! I think you will be as happy as I was to "find" it.


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