Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Some Christmas goodness

Ok, I promised some pics of Christmas, and I wanted to start off with some of the tree decorating day we had at my Dad/Elaine's house. This is a pic of my sister Miss S. and my hopefully sometime soon sister-in-law Mendy-Kaye...I love them both. They were sitting on the floor prepping ornaments for the kids to adorn the tree with. I made them smile for the camera!

This is a picture of a beautiful bunch of red leaves that I took a break from supervising the hubby hanging the Christmas lights to take. They matched my gloves, I take such pleasure in the little things.

This is a pic of my hubby hanging Christmas lights on our house. He has been saying for months that he was not going to hang lights this year, thankfully he changed his mind. I think the Christmas spirit overcame him. That, and I nagged (a little).

This is a pic I snapped of my niece, Miss K. She was hanging ornaments at my Dad's and she looked so cute in her santa hat. How could I resist????

And, of course, no set of Christmas pics would be complete without one of my favorite little person in the world....Mr Z.....my cutie. I love him so much, and I was so proud to see him trying so hard to get that hook on the ornament.
So, there are a few pics...tomorrow, I will show you some of the ones of our inside decos. But, alas, I will leave you with a little craftiness. I just finished this ornament.


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