Thursday, December 11, 2008

More Christmas-ness

Of course, Christmas is wonderful. And what is more beautiful to kids at Christmas-time than lights decorating the houses all down the streets? Mr. Z loves to drive around and look at lights, here is a pic of our house at night with the lights on. I know you can not see much, but it really is quite beautiful.
Here is one of the ornaments I just finished. I have been going crazy with making ornaments and cards this year...look for one in your mailbox soon (if I have your address!!).
I introduced my kiddo to glitter and glue today. I know that it is so much easier in the little pen-like glitter glue containers, but there is something magical about applying glue and sprinkling the glitter yourself. He thought it was cool, and he loved pretending it was snow. We used it to decorate a pine cone. I got really lucky, in that we have a next-door neighbor that has a pine tree. She doesn't want the pinecones, we go out every day and pick up the loot. They have really been falling the last few days with the colder weather and strong winds.
Here is another ornament. I just used a simple template for a dove, cut it out and embroidered some lazy daisy flowers. Then I popped on some buttons, stitched around the edge with some matching pink and attatched it to a contrasting piece of felt.
Hope you are inspired! Make something for someone today, I know I love homemade gifts.

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