Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just a few things..

...ok, I think I want to start with apologizing. I was truly going to attempt the Advent calendar, but every time I tried, those attempts were thwarted. I had bought little match boxes, and then found out I only had 20. So, I put it off until I could acquire 4 more. So, low and behold, my hubby took me to Walmart to pick up more matchboxes. It just so happens on the day I went, it was our anniversary. We stopped in after eating at our favorite mexican food restaurant (and a few margaritas). I walked up to the check-out lanes, where I had purchased the other boxes. They were not there any more, EEK!! So, I went to the back of the store where I thought I would find them, score...I bought a box of matches. We got home, I dropped the bag with the matchboxes in the art room and walked away. A few days later, I started attaching boxes with craft glue. I went to open the box of matches I had was NOT little boxes. It was a single giant box. Then "life" got in the way and I didn't get through to making the calendar. There it is, I am a slacker, and I have a t-shirt that proves it.


On to better news, I went to my grandmother's house yesterday and helped her set up her Christmas village. That was so much fun, and we got "snow" (really it was confetti) everywhere! Love, love, loved it! Thank you Nana for allowing me to be a part of it.

We put up our Christmas lights and tree last weekend. As soon as I get the pics up, I will be posting those.

I DO have something crafty to share, I came across these...

....while looking through embroidery pics on Flicker. Very Christmas-y, don't ya think? I think these are going onto my "I want to make that" folder. I guess we will see. Right now, I am not taking on any new projects while I have so many Christmas projects going.


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