Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Holiday Goodies

I know that I have been kind of "away" for a few days, things are busy and chaotic around here. It is after all the holiday season.
And so, I wanted to share an ornament I made from felt, ribbon, seed beads, buttons, sequins, and a little luck. I love it, and I love the Cowboys..I really like how it turned out.
And of couse I had to let you guys see my cutie pie with the GIANT snoopy that I found. Cute, huh?
Oh Happy Day! I found this beautiful snowman figure at a thrift store! Only $2.00!!! Can you believe it??? A Jim Shore creation, for that amount is so wonderful!! He is such an artist and an inspiration. I love love love love it!
And, here is a pic of our Christmas tree 2008. I made the bow on top, and I think it is kind of leaning, but the hubby says it looks fine.
And here is a special treat for you. It is a collaboration between my son and I. I am thinking I want to do something with the frame, but I don't know what...just painting it would not do it justice. We'll see.
That is all I have for today, I am hoping tomorrow that you will get to see the cute OWL plushie I have been working on. It is coming together nicely.

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