Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Giddy with pride

Christmas...oh Christmas! This has been one of those hair-pulling years for me. I think that I waited too long before I started working on things for gifts this year, story of my life. However, there was one project that I am very proud of. Below is a picture of part of an afghan that Elaine gave to me to finish and do "whatever" with.

I was going to add more stripes to it, and then I looked at it...realizing that it was perfect for a lap-ghan. Especially for a wheel chair bound person, it was the perfect size. So I went around it and proceded to weave in all the ends. Then I took some of the bright green in it and added a border all around it to bring out that color. I loved the results!! The hubby and I decided it was the perfect gift for his grandmother, Kate. So, the Saturday after Christmas we traveled over to her house to give it to her. Unfortunately, I was so happy about how perfect it turned out, that I did not get a full picture of her wearing it on her lap. But I did manage to get a pic of her and my hubby together. You can see it peeking out at the bottom of the picture! SCORE!!!! Thank you Elaine!!!

She loves it, and it is thick, because it is double stranded throughout. She is always cold, so this worked out wonderfully!


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