Thursday, November 27, 2008


Well, I (the stuffed like a turkey lady~~~~) am truly hoping that everyone had a terrific Thanksgiving! My hubbie, son and I went to my Dad's house to celebrate by having a huge meal with my family. That is what I made the centerpiece, without further ado, here is the finished work..

I think it turned out pretty good. I added all the potpouri to the rim of the jar, put the flowers in, and stuck some shiny Thanksgiving confetti around it. I wanted to incorporate some pinecones...I have this desire this time of year to have pinecones, I cut some scrapping paper into triangles and attached them to a canvas board. Then I used some craft glue to attach the jar to the middle of the triangles. I plopped some pinecones on, and used glitter glue to add embellishing to them. TA-DA!!! I am very proud of this one.

Also, remember when I showed you pics of the squares that Elaine crocheted? If you forgot, the before pics are here to refresh your memory. Well, Elaine and I updated them by weaving ribbon through the spaces along the edges and we used them for placemats! There are some peeking out of the picture above. But here is a pic of one..

I am elated that they look so cute! I got all kinds of crafty with the decorating ideas this year....I even made a banner for the mantle with matching paper from the centerpiece...

And....Zsander and I made handprint turkeys too! They are adorable!

Ok, I will stop for now. I know this post is getting a little long. I hope everyone enjoyed the pics. I won't be back till after this weekend, it is my 5 year anniversary!!


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